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  • Dear Elys,
    Lili and I would like to thank you for our wonderful trip through SE Asia! Really, everything worked out very well, and all of the local tour operators and airport personnel were so helpful in assisting Lili with her walking problem. And her foot is getting much better, she n walk with a cane now. We are relaxing in Chiang Mai now, at the SheweWana Resort, which you might like to know about for your customers, it is very relaxing and quiet.
    So, we just want to express our gratitude to you for your so-thoughtful organization, which made our trip such a pleasure.
    Thank you! We will write a good review of your service when we return home.
    Barry & Lili
    Barry Bavister, PhD
    New Orleans, LA 70115, USA


    "We researched several potential tour organizers before our trip to SE Asia. We decided on Indochina Leisure Travel for several reasons: existing reviews were very positive, and this company charged about half of what most of the others wanted. We are very glad we made this choice! First, the owner, Mrs. Elys Nguyen, was very pleasant and helpful during our e-mail enquiries. Then, she offered us private tours – that meant, everywhere we went in three countries, there was just the two of us plus the guide and car/boat driver. We saw lots of other tour groups of 20+ people, crowded into buses, boats and restaurants – that’s OK if you like big groups but we prefer the way we did it. Mrs. Nguyen organized every aspect of our 18 day tour through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and everything went without a hitch. At all the stops, we were picked up at the airport (even once when our plane arrived 2 hours late), the hotel rooms were all very good to excellent, and the sites we visited (temples, river cruises and riverside villages and restaurants, the Halong Bay overnight cruise, museums, etc.) were invariably interesting and enjoyable. So, overall, we highly recommend Indochina Leisure Travel for an inexpensive, well-organized, leisurely and absolutely fascinating tour experience of SE Asia. We had never been to these 3 countries before, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We would certainly book with Indochina Leisure Travel again. (Review of Mr. Barry Bavister written after the Indochina 19 Day Trip with Indochina Leisure)

    Mr. Barry Bavister & wife - from US - 19 Day Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Culture Tour


    Hi Elys,

    We are now safely back home in Canada after a fantastic vacation in Vietnam. I want to extend a special thank you to yourself and your staff for planning such a wonderful visit to your beautiful country. Your itinerary was perfectly organized and executed. The accommodations were definitely 5 star, the meals were great and travel within the country was well organized. We also want to thank our four professional guides, Mr. Bac, Mr. Binh, Mr. Boa and Mr. Tony (I hope I have the spelling correct for their names). They are all exceptional individuals and took very good care of us.

    We have so many great memories. We also have a much better understanding of the history and struggles of Vietnamese people. One day we wish to revisit Vietnam to see more of the natural beauty and to experience it’s amazing culture. We will definitely contact yourself at that time to help plan our visit.
    Thank you again and best regards,

    Mr. Norman Lockhart Conner & wife - from Canada - 14 Day Vietnam Package Tour

    Hi Elys

    I am now back from Vietnam and Siem Reap.
    I want to thank you for the excellent tour package that you have planned for us. Your tour guides were impressive. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    I will certainly recommend you to my other friends from Australia who are planning to visit Vietnam/ Cambodia.

    All the best to you and Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.


    Mrs. Annie and family - from Australia - Ho Chi Minh & Seam Riep Tour 7 Days


    Good morning,
    I have now been home for ten days, and have had time to think about my trip to Vietnam.  I wanted to give you my comments.
    I enjoyed your country immensely.  It is a beautiful country, with much energy in its people.  Everywhere we went, the people were very friendly and helpful.
     Our tour was flawless.  Your organization of it was perfect.  There was not a single miss.  The accommodations were great.  As I told you on the phone, our tour leader in Hanoi was a bit short of our expectations.  After that, the tour leaders were excellent.  The young man in Hue City and the gentleman in Saigon were both very helpful to us, and very informative as guides. 
     I was very impressed that throughout our tour, everyone was aware of my wife s food allergy.  
    Thank you very much for your efforts in organizing the trip.  You have been very efficient in communicating with me, very helpful in your suggestions and reminders to me and very effective in delivering the tour that I wanted.  My only disappointment on the trip was not being ablt to meet you personally.
    Already, I have been able to recommend you and your agency to two acquaintances who are considering trips to Vietnam.
    Thank you for a great tour. 
     I wish you great success in the years to come.
     Kindest regards,
    Mr. Jim Elliott - from UK - Vietnam Package Tour

    Dear Ms. Elys,

    Thanks for coordinating such a great experience for us. We are back home safe after a long journey back.  We had a really good time and everything went smoothly thanks to your coordination.

    We look forward to future trips with your company!


    Mrs. Brigitte - from US -  Package Tour Vietnam and Cambodia

    Hello, we just returned from our Asian Vacation that you arranged for us and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the entire tour. It was truly amazing!! We are both ready to repack our bags and go back again. We both enjoyed all of the places that we visited. Our favorite place I think was Hanoi, even though we didn t see the sun come out the entire time we were there that was okay and the temperature was quite pleasant. I also have to say that the tour package went along very smooth and trouble free. We were always picked up on time and all of our tour guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. Two of the tour guides we especially liked and I wanted to mention them by name to you are Cao Tan Nghia, our Ho Chi Minh guide, and Sokly Phok, our Siem Reap guide. The tour guide in Hanoi was also especially good, but I can t find his name at the moment.

    Anyway, thanks again, and don t hesitate to use me as a satisfied customer reference in the future if needed.

    Look forward to doing business with you again.

    Also, I forgot to mention that we got to eat at the well known Cha Ca La Vong Rest. while in Hanoi. It was on my "must do" list for Hanoi, and as it turned out it was right across the street from our Flower Garden Hotel. If you haven t eaten there before you must give it a try!

    Best regards,

    Mr. Doug Powell - from US - Vietnam & Cambodia Package Tour

    Hello Mrs Nguyen
    We are now home from a wonderful Vacation.
    It was lovely to see you in Hanoi even if it was for a very  short time. You are just I imagined a lovely lady , it would
    be so great if you could visit with us. We would all love to show you and your family Australia. We never know what the
    future will bring. Just loved your little boy. What is you postal address either at work or at home.
    Our visit to Halong Bay was the highlight of our holiday the young ones have not stopped talking about it. To have
    the Valentine to ourselves was just magic.
    Sapa was also high on our favourite list , the train journey was something else ..............good experience for the boys.
    The H mong people loved Harry and once they knew his name kept calling him on the streets, he was rather pleased
    to have new friends. We walked 7 kms to a village and we had taken clothes books and stationary to give them so
    it was a happy time for everyone.
    Once the other came home Ray, Alex. Harry and myself went to Hong Kong and Macau but it was nothing like Vietnam
    and we would have rather been back in Hoi An. Never mind another experience. We stayed at the Venetian in Macau
    and needed a map just to find our way around the hotel. Fun but we all enjoyed meeting the people in Vietnam better.
    I started work today it was lovely to be back with so much to tell everyone.
    I cant believe how weary I am tonight must have been all the talking today......
    I hope we can keep in touch and would love to have you address.
    Kind Regards to you and you family

    Mrs. Judith Dawson - from UK - Package Vietnam Family Tour

    Hi Elys
    We have enjoyed our trip to the 2 attractions very much.
    Thank you for your assistant and commendable guide Mr Vinh. Will recommend your to my friends. Looking forward to my next trip to Vietnam in the near future
    May god bless you
    Thabk you

    Mr. Jabz Studio - from Singapore - Excursions in Ho Chi Minh City

    Hi Elys,

    We have gotten the refund from your staff. And have enjoyed ourselves during the trip. Also, thank for the last minute arrangement that you have done for us. We will definitely introduce your agency to our friends.

    We really appreciate the arrangements. Also, we would like to thank the driver and the tour guide, Mr Tuan.


    Miss Sarah - from Malaysia - Hanoi & Halong Bay Stopover Tour 4 Days


    Hello Elys,

    We are home again in cold Minnesota !  And we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all that you did to make our trip successful.  You worked so hard to make sure that everything went well, and we can't tell you how lucky we were to have you organizing our Vietnam Trip.  Especially because of the unforeseen floods that no one could have predicted.  

    So that you can better serve your customers, we thought that you might be interested in some of our observations along the way.  Please undersand that we enjoyed everywhere we went in Vietnam , we just liked some places better than others.

    Hanoi - we loved Hanoi and will return there sometime soon.  The Hanoi Hilton was very nice but the Sofitel Metropole was the highlight of the city - we absolutely LOVED it.  The rooms in the new part are wonderful (we looked at the old rooms and didn't like them so much), and hotel service and staff could not be better.

    SA PA - we would also return to Sapa for a longer stay because it is lovely and the Victoria hotel was wonderful.  Getting to the train station was a bit of a problem because the driver was confused when I gave him the envelope with the unused tickets for you.  He started to take us back to the hotel but we finally got him to go the station.  Also I think I told Mr. Hai that we wanted a double berth  but we got a room with 4 people instead.  Fortunately, the other two people were Australians and we had a very good time with them on the train and in Sapa.  The guide there was very good even though we had the problem with him meeting the train.  It all worked out okay.  We thank you very much for dinner.

    Halong Bay - the junk we stayed on was very nice, but we would suggest using a junk with a sun deck on the top since there wasn't very much room to sit on the deck.  Also, unfortunately, we think Halong Bay is very overcrowded and will soon be spoiled.  Some of the water was polluted and had oil in it and there were just too many boats at the cave and the beach.  Although it was beautiful, we probably would not return there.

    Nha Trang - the Vinpearl was quite interesting, much like our Disneyland !  We do not recommend the standard room which faces a hill with only trees and no view.  We paid $23 a night to upgrade our room to the seaside and then the view was spectacular.  The difference in money was well worth the upgrade.  Unfortunately, it was very windy and rainy but the pool and beach were very nice anyway.  There were many drunk Russians there, but we enjoyed the musical entertainment in spite of them.  We did go into the town of Nha Trang to the market, and altho the beaches looked good, the town wasn't very nice and we would not go there again.

    Dalat - the Ana Mandara was wonderful.  The food was lovely and we would highly recommend staying there.   The staff was outstanding, and since there weren't many people there, we had a villa all to ourselves.  We are so happy that the change in the itinerary made it possible for us to go there, and we would surely return.

    Saigon - the Majestic was very nice altho we would not recommend the executive benefits package because it really wasn't worth the extra money.  The best thing about it was the 3 pm checkout since we didn't leave until 4 pm.  Otherwise, the exec benefits didn't amount to much. 

    Mekong Delta tour - we did not do the long tour that we had originally planned because it was three hours down and three hours back and we did not want to spend that much time in the car.  So we took a short tour and it was okay although very commercialized.  And we did not think the food was very good at the restaurant the guide took us to.  It was a lovely place but too many tourists and just "tourist" food.  We're glad we saw the Mekong Delta but we would not go there again.  

    Drivers -  All of the drivers we had were excellent.  They were courteous and extremely careful.

    So, I hope these comments are helpful - we do not want to criticize the tour at all because there were so many changes and you certainly did your best in accommodating us.  We were very impressed with the progress that Vietnam has made and hope your lovely country will not be spoiled by too many tourists and new industries.  We certainly will recommend you to anyone going to your country.  We found the people of Vietnam to be friendly and gracious and could not have asked for better service everywhere we went.

    Thank you again, Elys, you really helped us so much and we know that we were a lot of bother and that we would not have gotten such good service from another agent.  We wish that you could come to America so we could return the hospitality!  

    It was so good to meet all the girls in your office - tell them hello from us.

    Best regards,

    Sharon and Jack Carroll - from US - Vietnam Package Tour 14 Days



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